Choose recycled or new hardware

Recycled hardware can reduce your costs and help to reduce the increasing burden on the enviroment and the planet's resources. We use quality pre-owned and refurbished products to save you money and help save the planet.

Or you can choose brand new hardware.

All firewalls can be desktop or rack-mounted (1U).

Plug-and-go or opt for on-site installation and training

We can ship your secure firewall fully configured and ready to plug in - with documentation. Alternatively we'll install it and train your staff on-site. The choice is yours.

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Why you need a secure firewall

The threat to organisations and companies grows daily. Imagine what a fire would do to your organisation. Now imagine that that was arson and that the fire spread to your customers and contacts.

Here are just a few of the threats you face:

Securing your organisation

This may just be the easiest and cheapest step you've ever taken to secure your organisation. In addition to the external risks you may be at risk simply from careless or unskilled staff. It's this easy :

We offer you a tailored solution installed and ready-to-go. It includes extra software written by us (which we've offered back to the Open Source community) with optional support, on-site installation and training.

Open Source

Our secure firewall is Open Source software and we freely acknowledge the work of Smoothwall. If you have the time and skills you could use the free open source version available here.

Features & benefits

Our secure firewalls are :

Reports & monitoring

Optional services

Prices start from £599 excl. VAT