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Our mantra - customer satisfaction, customer care and system reliability
We are serious about helping you boost your bottom line.

Offering secure and reliable software for more than a quarter of a century we've worked with a huge range of customers, large and small.

Reliablity and modernity

Our software and solutions are built around the principle of reliability.

That's modular technology, quality equipment coupled with the latest in development techniques. RPI Raspbian

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Introducing Web 2.0 and Open Source

Project Computers has been providing software and integrated solutions to a wide range of companies and entities - large and small, world-wide since 1983.

We pride ourselves on innovation coupled with reliability. We have adopted and utilised techniques aimed to benefit our clients and their bottom line - languages such as C++, techniques including object orientation and operating systems including Linux.

Our latest Open Source software is Datafile, our flagship data warehousing product. Available for a wide range of Linux versions. Paid installation and support are also available.

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Datafile now available as Open Source

COLD, archival, data warehousing, automated reconciliation - PCL specializes in multi-user browser-based and Windows-based software for the corporate and business markets. Suppliers of quality software to some of the world's largest banks for nearly 40 years, PCL has an excellent track record in providing innovative and secure software. Our ground-breaking solutions have helped many businesses improve their bottom-line by cost-savings, time-savings and improved efficiency. >> Archival software

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Available as Open Source or Ready-to-Run

Download an easy-to-use copy of YEPServer free of charge. Need support ? Buy online (email and/or phone support with optional site visits).

Or purchase a fully-configured server ready to plug into your network - online or purchase order.